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About Taysita Ranch

We met on the ski slopes in Lake Tahoe back in 2012 and have been on an adventure since. Justin (growing up on an almond orchard) and Celeste (being raised in a small country town) had an immediate bond over nature, animals and a love of the outdoors. Justin climbed the corporate ladder and worked construction most of his life, all while holding on to his passion for horticulture and farming. Celeste worked in the medical field for many years, pursuing her love for helping people. Although we loved our community and certain aspects of our lives, we always felt we could have more impact for our families, friends, and community. 

“It Started With A Dream”

We decided to completely change our lives and reach for our farthest dreams, and therefore establishing TaySita Ranch. Our ranch’s name derives from our two last names (Taylor + Casita), and is a perfect symbol of our dream. We strive to provide healthy, locally grown food for our families and community.  We are very active in the local community and are proud members of the Chewelah Chamber of Commerce. Dedication, hard work, love and gratitude drive TaySita Ranch daily.