Our first highland calving season at Taysita Ranch

Baby highland cows hanging out on the ranch

Our first calving season has been incredibly successful and we are very thankful.  After months of studying “what signs to look for” and going over multiple birthing pasture options, our first calf arrived on April 1st.  Separating the Pregnant Cows Highland cattle have gestation periods averaging around 283 days which is just over 9 months. […]

Why Eat Highland Grass Fed Beef?

Highland Cattle, also known as Scottish Highland Cattle, are one of the oldest registered breeds.  Originally from the rugged Scottish Highlands, these cattle have adapted to harsh conditions and are excellent foragers.  Highland cattle use their horns to push snow around in winter conditions to find food, and also use them for out of reach […]

All about Taysita Ranch

Taysita Ranch Family TaySita Ranch is nestled between the base of the Selkirk Mountains and the Colville River in Chewelah, WA.  Our Scottish Highland Beef is pasture raised, antibiotic/hormone free, and grain free. Our 35 acres are full of grass hay, flourishing gardens, and happy animals.   Washington’s States finest grass fed highland beef We […]